“Peshawaria provides simple but powerful insights in defining the difference between leading and managing. His RED framework is a terrific approach to understanding the principles and actions that make the difference between leading and simply managing.”

-Salman Amin, Global Head and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Pepsico, Inc.

“Mr. Peshawaria’s opening chapters on personal values and purpose should be required reading of anyone contemplating a role–in any sector–where they have to lead people. With his simple, yet powerful framework, one cannot help but do some introspection and I found myself resting the book on my lap, deeply engaged in asking key questions about my own career trajectory.”

-Glenn J. Kaufman, Senior Vice President, Global Organization Planning and Development, LexisNexis Company

“In a sea of leadership guides, this new offering rises to the top with its gripping insights that will inspire reflection and action in leaders and managers at all levels. Peshawaria has long trained executives at corporate powerhouses American Express, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Coca-Cola; here, he distills his own years of boardroom learning and observations into a practical framework for capturing the hearts and minds of individuals, teams, and companies. While grounded in bottom-line realities and objectives, Peshawaria introduces values-based methodologies that promise to galvanize even the most jaded executive. His conversations with renowned leaders are riveting; among others, he recounts exchanges with such inspirational CEOs as John Mack of Morgan Stanley, who shares his decision-making process during the financial meltdown, talks with Howard Schultz of Starbucks about his own journey of self-discovery, and introduces readers to lesser known but remarkable leaders like Kiran Bedi, who reformed India’s notorious Tihar Jail by enabling prisoners to reshape their own environment and take control of their destinies. Peshawaria’s book ought to become required reading for all business people–from students to executives.”

-Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“The fascinating aspect of Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders is that it is much less a ‘how to’ and much more a ‘why’ exploration of leadership, going deeply into the subject in a manner I have not seen before. Instead of preaching on the topic, as most of the other books do, he takes readers along a personal journey on a quest for leadership, uncovering the key elements of character, fortitude, processes and practices that will enable them to discover the leadership in themselves. This is must read book because it is as much about kindling the intellect as it about igniting the leadership passion in everyone.”

-Raghu Krishnamoorthy, Vice President, Human Resources, GE Aviation

“Rajeev Peshawaria’s Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders beautifully presents the underlying dynamics of what it takes to be a great leader. Leadership is a special talent that goes far beyond just being a boss, and he shows that deciding to develop that talent is a critical choice. By illuminating key features of human nature, and by respecting the organization as a living system, Peshawaria provides a clear path to becoming an extraordinary leader who gets impressive results, who brings out the best in others, and who lives a life full of joy, energy, and meaning . Very inspiring reading!”

-George Kohlrieser, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD and author of Hostage at the Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance

“Rajeev Peshawaria brings together a myriad of case studies and examples- from Toyota-GM to Mahatma Gandhi- to address an issue that will separate tomorrow’s winning organizations from the losers.”

-Navin Agarwal, Executive Chairman, Vedanta Resources Plc.

“Very rarely is a leadership expert also a business leader himself, a teacher and consultant to the most admired corporations in the world, a brilliant thinker, and a great author. Mr. Peshawaria is one of those rare individuals. Anyone truly interested in the art, science, and psychology of leadership will be enriched by this very insightful and pragmatic book.”

-Dr. Anthony F. Smith, Co-founder and Managing Director of Leadership Research Institute and best- selling author of The Taboos of Leadership and ESPN: The Company

“Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders should be incorporated into every training regimen for new managers of people. Finally a book that mixes management theory with real examples that makes complete sense. A must read for the new and experienced leaders!”

-James W. Kim, Representative Director and Country Manager of Microsoft Korea

“It’s easy to dispense advice about how leaders should direct and motivate their people. It’s much harder to have actually done these things yourself, and to be able to describe, in highly useful terms, how the best leaders harness their own energy, and energize and direct the talents of others to achieve superior performance. Rajeev Peshawaria’s simple but powerful methods, derived from many years of training and developing leadership skills in premier companies on three continents, provide an essential roadmap for managers at every organizational level.”

-Steve Kerr, the former Chief Learning Officer and a Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and author of Reward Systems: Does Yours Measure Up?