Training & Conference Testimonials

“Multiple insights on ‘energy’, ‘purpose’, ‘values’… a refreshing new perspective on leadership
“Fabulous! Impactful and powerful!
“Awesome. He made me think deeper than anyone else know.
“Very practical and down to earth concept. Easy to grasp.
“Short presentation but sure left a lasting impact.
“Great delivering. Very captivating.
“Analytical, good experience sharing, practical guy.
“Excellent leadership coach. Knows his subject very well and quotes a lot of examples. Well done, Rajeev!.
“Excellent, knowledgeable, smart and gives fantastic explanation on what leadership is.
“Very good presenter with lots of real life experience to share and easily understood.
“Very knowledgeable and flow of examples constantly, very engaging. Remarkable facilitator with a lot of energy.
“Limitless energy in his work. He has passion and full of knowledge.
“He is very good and very real in his speeches.
“Outstanding and uplifting.
“Great life experience sharing that made the ‘theories’ relatable.
“Excellent – great guru to share with superb qualities both knowledge and skills.
“Fantastic! He has the most energy.
“He is an excellent speaker; motivator and you really get energies from his talk.
“Thank you for designing a program is practical and real and not based on typical theories and models that are not relevant or useful.
“Excellent and gifted teacher. Keep up the good work.
“Excellent facilitator. He unraveled the leadership puzzle in a simple and sincere manner.
“Fantastic, full of energy and good examples to relate.
“Able to create interest on the topic of his presentation.
“Fantastic speaker. With his inner energy. We must have more of you around.
“Very inspiring with lots of the energy. Excellent!
“Simplifies complexities – admire the way Rajeev is able to articulate simplicity in complex situation.
“Passionate leader and advocator with different true definition on leadership. Great stuff! Keep it up!
“He is excellent and unbelievably passionate person! His humility is beyond expectation.
“Superb. It comes from within, deep desire to improve the world.