Open Source Leadership

The Open Source Leadership challenges conventional thinking and explains why the most relied-upon management practices today are ineffective. It provides a new, counterintuitive model for seizing competitive edge in any industry. Backed by research in 28 countries, among other issues the book argues convincingly that “positive autocracy” must replace democratic leadership; talent and innovation are abundant not scarce; early identification of high-potentials is counter-productive; and setting employees free to do as little as they want will increase productivity.


The business world is in need of many things at the moment — an economic boost, a lower unemployment rate and a better plan to insure workers, to name just a few. But the biggest void by far may be the lack of inspiring leaders. There is a growing and critical need for leaders who can show us the way out of the current downturn and point the way to a more productive future.

Be The Change

Be the Change goes deep into what a leader is and what you and your organization need to look into to foster genuine leadership. In particular, the book deals with the various aspects and issues of corporate governance, an integral part of the leadership journey. It also takes a look at the individual, the team, and then the organization for a progressive treatment on the various theatres where leadership can and does make a difference.