Open Source Leadership

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From taxi rides, hotel stays, car driving, to communicating and paying, everything we knew as normal has changed beyond recognition. To lead effectively in today’s brave new world, you have to question EVERYTHING. For the first time in human history, knowledge is free and almost every boundary to communication has been lifted. This open source world has permanently altered the business landscape. And you can count on the fact that the pace of change will only accelerate. Yet . . . companies still rely on management tools and practices that were, at best, mildly effective in their heyday. In Open Source Leadership, Rajeev Peshawaria reveals the vision, insight, and practices he has used to help some of today’s largest and most influential organizations meet the open source world head on. It all starts with asking the right questions:

  • What’s the most effective leadership style in a world of 24/7 connectivity?
  • How has the very concept of leadership changed in the open source era?
  • How do you inspire and reward performance in the “gig economy”?
  • How do you measure engagement and effectively address the gaps?
  • How can you lead innovation—quickly and continuously?

Peshawaria reveals the answers to these questions—and they will surprise you. Based on his company’s groundbreaking research spanning 28 countries, he concludes that traditional industrial age thinking needs a massive upgrade to successfully navigating the brave new world of business. Open Source Leadership rewrites the rules of management, giving you a unique look at the most common misperceptions, illusions, and downright wrong information you’ve been getting about what works and what doesn’t.  It provides a new, counterintuitive model for seizing competitive edge in any industry. Among other issues the book argues convincingly that “positive autocracy” must replace democratic leadership; talent and innovation are abundant not scarce; early identification of high-potentials is counter-productive; and setting employees free to do as little as they want will increase productivity.

Explore new ideas, embrace the future, and get ready for today’s transformed organizational leadership landscape with Rajeev Peshawaria’s cutting-edge book Open Source Leadership! Marshall Goldsmith The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

Rajeev Peshawaria’s counterintuitive new book details an “open source” management system geared to today’s unique pressures and opportunities. Unlike so many leadership books, which traffic in platitudes and obvious insights, Peshawaria provokes readers into seeing a big picture most might have missed. OPEN SOURCE LEADERSHIP will help anyone in any organization trying to surf the tumultuous waves of the 21st century business. Daniel H. Pink Author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN

“Rajeev is both clairvoyant and pragmatic. He elegantly lays out a technology enabled changing future, then offers provocative and insightful ways for leaders and organizations to respond. The book offers a roadmap into unchartered management territory.” Dave Ulrich Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, Partner, The RBL Group

In open source leadership, Rajeev Peshawaria makes the sound assertion that “leadership today needs to be characterized by the firm resolve to create a better future. Leadership is not a positional title, it is making the choice to continue to struggle and never give up”. He then lays out a compelling view of how the new era is disrupting traditional leadership thinking. Those in leadership roles should take time to contemplate his message. Ashley Stephenson Partner, Egon Zehnder

Open Source Leadership overturns many conventional truths about leading and managing. From “Emotional Integrity before emotional intelligence,” to the path breaking idea of minimum versus stretch goals, this book will surprise you on every turn. A must read for anyone who wants to understand how to navigate the current times of breakneck speed and total transparency. Arnold Dhanesar Chief Talent Officer, Zurich Insurance Group

For a variety of demographic, technological and cultural reasons, ordinary people are more empowered today than ever before. Under such conditions, it follows that the best way to maximize performance is to minimize supervision. In Open Source Leadership, based on a global study spanning 28 countries, Rajeev Peshawaria introduces and provides persuasive arguments on behalf of this and many other counter-intuitive insights. This is a must read for anyone that aspires to be a successful leader in the 21st Century. Steve Kerr Former Vice President of Leadership Development at GE; Former Chief Learning Officer and Managing Director at Goldman Sachs; Author of Reward Systems

Rajeev Peshawaria is a keen observer of people, organizations and social phenomena. His guided tours through the energized lives and minds of paradoxically humble and respectful autocrats will provide fresh perspectives to every reader and aspiring leader. Professor Charles H. Fine Chrysler LGO Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School; President and Dean, Asia School of Business

In these ever-changing times, Peshawaria gives a counterintuitive–but convincing–call to recognize the new rules of engagement. He shows you how to balance what we know works with the changes we need to keep up. David Burkus Author of UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT

Peshawaria challenges, provokes, and even makes you uncomfortable. But, that is the whole point. Whether you agree or disagree, he forces us to confront the meaning of trust – without which there is no right to lead – derived through establishing the right values and purpose. Salman Amin S C Johnson & Son

In Silicon Valley, there’s a saying that the only way you make money as an entrepreneur and investor is by being “contrarian and right.” This book, by one of the most thoughtful thinkers today on leadership development, is full of ideas that are definitely contrarian, and may just turn out to be right. Ben Casnocha Former Chief of Staff to the Chairman of LinkedIn Co-author, with Reid Hoffman, of The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career and The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age

A break-through book! Peshawaria has hit the leadership pressure points hard and comes up with a new framework that is provocative and useful at the same time. Raghu Krishnamoorthy Vice President Human Resources, GE Healthcare Former Chief Learning Officer, GE

In Open Source Leadership, Rajeev Peshawaria has once again crafted provocative and yet powerful ideas on leadership. His claims on the Naked Autocrat and Leadership Energy will challenge whatever model of leadership you ascribe to at present. As you read this book, your mind might initially argue with Rajeev, but your intuition will tell you that there is something very, very important here that all aspirants to leadership in this digital age need to open up to. Hitendra Wadhwa Professor, Columbia Business School & Founder, Institute for Personal Leadership

Rajeev eloquently outlines the blueprint for embracing a fast moving, technology influenced future for Leadership. These concepts will equip executives to proactively embrace the next generation business environment and to future proof your personal leadership legacy. Orlando Ashford President, Holland America Line Author, Talentism

Open source leadership is indeed an eye-opener. Peshawaria has, once again, astutely articulated the changing role of leadership in a world that is continuously connected, highly mobile, and has 24-7 access to knowledge. In this new order, innovation, motivation and the roles of leaders can indeed be counterintuitive and, frankly, contrary to what has been perceived to date. This is a must read book. Eddie Ahmed Chairman, President & CEO, MassMutual International MassMutual Financial Group

At a time when we are seeing a global crisis of leadership, this book provides a powerful pit-stop. Full of courageous new leadership thinking, it will help you ride the tsunami of change in the world around us. Sanjeev Chadha, PepsiCo CEO Asia Pacific, M/East & North Africa

This is such a Foolish book, such a beautiful example of flipping conventional wisdom with fresh thinking. When leaders relentlessly drive values and team members are liberated to perform (without cheap short-term incentives), it’s a wonder to behold. Enjoy it. Tom Gardner, Co-Founder, CEO of The Motley Fool